Q. How do I print a PDF Sewing Pattern?

A. First, open your PDF pattern with the latest version of Adobe Reader.  Read the Printing Instruction pages thoroughly before printing to be sure you are printing the pattern correctly, as some patterns vary.  Print on 8½ x 11" letter for domestic customers or A4 sized paper for international customers. It is very important not to scale or fit any of the pattern piece pages. You must print the pattern piece pages in actual size. Your pattern will print on multiple pages, which you will then tile together using tape or glue sticks.  Depending on your pattern, the amount of pages will vary. Some smaller patters are only 8 pages and larger ones can be anywhere from 20-30! However, don't worry, these pages are easily pieced together to assemble your pattern.  Each pattern includes a pattern assembly diagram for you to easily reference while you are putting it together.  

When printing your pattern, it is smart to find the page that has the test squares and print this page first by itself to check the measurement and print out is correct.  Scroll down through the PDF pages until you see the test square and make a note what page number it is on. Then in printing options under "Pages", indicate the page number that it was on. Measure the sides of the test square with a ruler.   This will help ensure that the pattern will be printed at the proper scale.  If you find it is not correct when you measure, go back and read the instructions again to be sure your printer settings are in alignment with what is instructed.  Try again.