And so the story began....
I was reflecting over my design history and how this all began today when I was sewing a local friend's dress. I thought I would share my story.

I was a stay-at-home-mom who was homeschooling my oldest daughter and taking care of my other 3 young children. I had been sewing for about 10 years and had businesses on Etsy and here and there but nothing very successful.  I didn't see my worth or that I truly had a gift.  My husband worked full time and we didn't see him all that much. I was tired, but doing it.

I didn't have much money and wanted my girls to have some cute Gymboree clothes to wear. So I searched Craigslist since I couldn't afford to go buy it new. I found a lady selling the most adorable lot of Gymboree clothes in my baby girl's size. I contacted her and she invited me to her beautiful home. She was warm and kind, inviting me in to see what I wanted. She gave me a great deal and we got along very well. I didn't have many friends, as I sort of preferred to stay to myself vs. putting myself out there and making friends. She invited me to her play group and I gave it a try. Everyone was so kind and welcomed me into their friendship circle without hesitation. While there they found out that I sewed things and I was asked if I could make an Upcycle. Sure I said...thinking I knew what it was, but I didn't after all. I gave it a go anyways and found not only did I LOVE it, but I was GOOD at it.

I began selling them on Facebook with the encouragement of my new friends and learning new and better ways to make them quality and not cheap/falling apart...(there were some scary ones at the beginning).

Fast forward to life now...I am successful, happy, and I love getting to work everyday. My husband that we never saw is now home full time with us. He helps me with the business and gets to be the dad to our four children the he wants to be.  This was the beginning of a huge dream we had!  We have always wanted to travel and now we have bought all 6 of our passports, making our dreams of traveling abroad just one step closer. I am truly amazed at what just one kind person can do in a person's life. My life has changed completely.

So thank you to my mother for repeatedly telling me I was selling myself short and that I had a gift to offer the world, to my grandmother for always doing art projects with me and instilling the love of music and crafting deep within me, my husband for his constant support of my dreams and encouraging me to see beyond what I see as possible,  as well as ALL of you who make what I do possible. If you have a dream...go do it! If you see someone who needs a smile. Be the person who gives it! You never know what it could do.   

I am truly honored to be able to share my designs with the world and my sincere hope is that my patterns and designs help you to create your own story to share with others.